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The Life of a Teenage Entrepreneur

 A lot of people ask me what I do.

Family members, friends, sometimes even strangers want to know “What do you do?” So I will tell you. Here it is on the record for those that ask:


  • I am a student.

    Above anything else, I am a student. I have started a full-time college career this year and have devoted myself to it. You can read about my first semester here. I consider my education to be a very huge privilege and I choose to treat it as such.

  • I am a business owner

    This one surprises a lot of people. I am nineteen years old, and I own my very own business. You can click the Shop that crazy Lipstick page for more information. I work sided by side with women to help them feel beautiful and confident. It is a huge passion of mine.

 I have been a part of the small business trend for quite some time. I love the community and passion I find in most small business owners.

  • I have a part time job

    I have the privilege of working a local boutique. The owner is a long time family friend and spending time with her is a great joy. Heart’s Desire is an adorable little store specializing in home decor. (Think Magnolia Market) and adorable chic clothes. I have gained valuable sales experience. Plus it’s just a blast!

  • I help my mom

    My mom is my best friend. We do so much together and I treasure all the time we spend. When she started talking about her dream to own an upcycled, repurposed store here in Lockney, Texas I was ecstatic. Her dream has morphed from a far off idea to a gorgeous storefront, opening soon.  Roxi’s Attic is another crazy new venture that I am so excited to be a part of


  • I am a #BossBabe

    So to sum it all up I am a nineteen-year-old #BossBabe. I love being self employed, I love making my own hours. Most of all, I love meeting awesome women like me! Comment below if you’re a #BossBabe

XO, Madison


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