Caprock Canyon State Park North Prong Trail
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3 Caprock Canyon Trails You Can’t Miss

Caprock Canyon State Park

I love to hike. It is one of my favorite things to do with my pup Melody Ann. In the last two years, we have made many trips to Caprock. Here is a compilation of my favorite can’t miss trails!

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3. Eagle Point Trail 

This fall, Melody Ann and I tried a new trail! We got up early and watched the sunrise at the opening of this trailhead. We also caught a glimpse of some lovely baby Bison. (One of my favorite parts of this state park) We had a blast exploring and spending the morning walking through the park. This trail was easy in comparison to the others I’m going to mention, but the views are fantastic! It is a one-way trail, not a loop so it’s 4.0 miles there and back.

2. John Haynes Ridge

My all time favorite place in the park is the Fern Cave. Nestled in the back of the mountain range is the perfect oasis. Like a scene from a movie, natural springs have created a habitat for ferns that rest on a canyon overhang. These next two trails both lead to the Fern Cave. Haynes Ridge takes you up (or down) a steep rock face to the top of a ridge. It is the best place to see the whole park! This is not a beginner trail, although it is only 2.29 miles the intense terrain will have you wondering how much longer you have. It’s a blast for the adventurer spirit that Melody and I have!

Caprock Canyon State Park North Prong Trail

1. North Prong 

As I stated trail one and two both lead to the Fern Cave. The cave is in between these two trails so I usually take them both in a large loop. North Prong is accessed through Canyon Loop Trail. To get to the trailhead you travel deeper into the mountain range. I love this trail because it transforms from the red rock plains to a magical forest feel. You are surrounded by trees and in the thick of nature. This trail is 1.98 miles and while it is not as rocky of a terrain as Haynes Ridge I do have to warn about snakes.

Hiking Story

When my friends and I first decided to go hiking, we picked the hardest trails (1. and 2.) We went in the middle of summer with our three dogs. The six of us had no idea what we were getting into, we just grabbed a trail map and went on our way. While hiking the North Prong trail we crossed path with not one, not two, not three, but four rattlesnakes! We were a ball of nerves trying to get through the hike. Being in West Texas we shouldn’t have been so surprised to see snakes but I couldn’t believe how many we saw that day. The beauty of the Fern Cave was not tempered however by the fear of the snakes. And I have been back to that trail (in cooler weather) multiple times. You should always be careful when hiking anywhere you choose to go.

I am so excited for our next hiking adventure. Do you have a favorite hiking trail? Let me know in the comments below.

XO, Madison


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