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Conditioning Hair Mask

DIY Hair Mask

As you may have noticed I have thick curly hair. It can be very hard to manage some days (I’m not actually complaining, I love my hair) I am always looking for new ways to keep it hydrated, shiny, and frizz free! I have toyed with this recipe for several years but I finally got the perfect feel!

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Deep Conditioning

This mask uses 100% Organic Coconut Oil (Yes, the organic matters.) The purer it is, the more hydrating it will be which is what we are going for. It also uses Lavender and Rosemary’s healing properties to hydrate and nourish damaged hair.


I struggle with middle dry scalp and dandruff. This mask uses Lemon to cleanse and fight excess buildup and prevent dandruff (WIN)

Hair Mask 2.jpg


2 Tablespoons of 100% Organic Coconut Oil

15 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil

10 Drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

5 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Stir until well mixed, warm slightly with your hands and apply generously to your hair starting at the scalp and cover.

Let it sit for 30-60 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly

Enjoy the shine!

Hair Mask

Let me know if you try this mask in the comments below!

XO, Madison


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