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Sweatproof Makeup Tutorial

I live in West Texas. That means all of my makeup looks have to be sweat proof, water resistant, and generally just tough! With the wind and rapid changes in weather, I have had to get creative in my makeup technique but I have finally mastered a full face look made to last and I am here to share it with you! I know, so nice.

Do you want a makeup look that is sweat proof, water resistant, smudge proof, wind resistant, and kiss proof? *wink wink*

Let’s get started

Naked Face
My Naked Face


Step 1:

I always apply Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. Hydrated skin is the first step to a solid makeup application!

Color Correcting Tinted Moisterizer

Step 2:

 I use a color correcting concealer! This one has been my absolute favorite. It comes in several different colors. I am using white to block dark circles.

Step 3:

I always apply my foundation with a beauty blender for light even application. This foundation is water resistant and even has Anti-Aging and Skincare directly in it.

(A girl can never be too careful)


Step 4:

I add another coat of concealer in a natural shade to really beat those pesky dark circles.

Step 5:

I set the look with this awesome translucid setting powder to seal everything perfectly

Setting Powder

Step 6:

I apply my mascara! A look just comes together with some good mascara. I used this one on my brows too! I am all about dual uses.

Step 7:

LipSense! Every good look needs a great lip. I haven’t come across ANYTHING that comes close to the staying power of LipSense. If you’re curious to learn more you can check out the “That Crazy Lipstick” tab or visit my VIP group.

LipSense Fire and Ice


Now I have a look that isn’t going anywhere! Major win and I can do it all in record time.


In case you’re wondering; yes, that is a Star Wars shirt.

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XO, Madison


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