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Thick Hair Hacks

I am a part of the thick hair club. I come from a line of women with thick curly hair. My childhood was spent crying at tangles and throwing my hair in a ponytail to avoid any further hassle. I am nineteen years old and I can say that I have only recently got the hang of dealing with my curly hair.

Thick Curly Hair

Over the years I have developed a few tricks that help manage the monster that is my thick hair and I hope they will help you!


I have a very particular hair washing schedule. Your scalp naturally produces oil to nourish your hair and increase growth. If you shampoo your hair every day you will strip those oils. When you do this, your scalp freaks out! It thinks it’s not doing its job properly so it increases the oil production. What happens then is you are washing your hair every day and still ending up with oily hair. It’s a mess and no one likes it! I choose to shampoo my hair about every seven-ten days and use a cleansing conditioner ever three days. This usually freaks people out, but it’s true.  My hair doesn’t get greasy or overly dry because my scalp is naturally balanced.

Another note on shampoo, opt for a detergent free shampoo. Your scalp doesn’t need a power wash with heavy chemicals, check the ingredients! The same goes for your skin care, you can read my healthy skin hacks here.


Now, while your hair is thick, it is not indestructible and still deserves a gentle hand. Avoid wearing your hair up in tight updos for long periods of time. Try putting your hair up in a soft hair tie or braid it at night, so that it’s not being tossed about and yanked in the night. This can also help frizz and shine.

I don’t use towels on my hair. When I get out of the shower, I ring out my hair in a microfiber cloth and then tie it up in an old tee-shirt. It is an odd trick, but the fibers in regular towels are hard on your hair strands and can increase frizziness.

Thick Hair
Tee Shirt Drying


I opt to not use heat on my hair often. I blow dry my hair with a diffuser maybe once every two months. Always use heat protection when you’re using heat products!

I very occasionally use a mousse or gel in my hair. I like to use more natural products if I can. My favorite hair masks are homemade! I shared my favorite one here.

Hair Mask.jpg

Have you learned any other thick hair hacks along the way? Drop them in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Thick Hair Hacks”

  1. Awesome tips lovely. I have really thick hair too although it’s not as wavy as yours. I totally agree with not having your hair up in tight up-dos for long periods of time as it hurts so bad!! I wrote a post on my blog Healthy Hair Hacks which you could check out too if you’d like… Hope you have an awesome day! God bless, Grace. Xxx

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