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How I Got a 4.0 My First Semester of College

As you may have read, I am college Freshman. I’m a Business Management Major and a Psych Minor. I managed to pass all my classes with A’s and start my college career with a 4.0 GPA. This opened the doors for several things for me. I have a higher chance of being chosen for my department scholarships, a good reputation in my future classes, and I will be on the President’s List, where I will gain further recognition. I don’t tell you all of this to brag. I am very proud of my accomplishment but it was NOT easy. It took sacrifice and hours and hours of dedicated work. I tell you this because I want to share how I did it. Developing healthy studying habits can be hard, especially in college, here are my tips.


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My Tips to Getting a 4.0 GPA

  1. Take Notes. I took notes at every class period I attended. I use a system to organize them by important topics and highlights. I prefer to hand write my notes because it’s an extra layer of absorption.
  2. Use your notes. Once you take these fantastic notes don’t just leave them hanging! I make flash cards on the main points to study for exams and finals.
  3. Study. I realize this one is fairly obvious, and yet I talk to countless fellow classmates that would remark about that they hadn’t read a full chapter of any textbook they have. It was something I couldn’t quite understand. I had very skilled professors but hearing them talk for one class session was not going to be enough for me to comprehend and attain all of the information given at every lecture. I read EVERY chapter that I was assigned as filled in any gaps to my lecture notes.
  4. Talk to your professor. I am super lucky to attend a school that encourages student and professor interactions. I had access to personal help for several professors on multiple occasions. (Bless my math professor for putting up with all my questions and providing extra help)
  5. Join a study group. If there is a particularly daunting exam coming up or a class you’re struggling in I highly suggest grabbing a few classmates and having a group study session. Compare notes, take turns explaining a topic you need to practice and grow in.

I hope these tips help you in your education journey. I will insert a disclaimer that I invest A LOT of time in my studies. I’m not involved with sports and I don’t party. My Saturday mornings were for note review and starting on next week chapters. I sacrificed for the grades I got, but it was so worth it! It is possible.

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Bonus Tip: Cute Planners are a life saver

What are your favorite studying hacks?


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