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My Bargain Fashion Secrets

I am the definition of a savvy shopper. I shop clearance racks, thrift stores, you name it. When it comes to clothes I look for deals. I have picked up a few tricks to make sure I am getting the most out of my bargain shopping.

When I go shopping for a good deal, I look for a few things: quality, comfort, and fit.


I don’t care how cheap that adorable skirt is, if you’re only going to be able to wear it twice before it’s ruined it’s not a bargain. Buying poor quality clothing is not going to save you money over time.


I have a pair of black strappy wedges that I bought on sale for get this, FIVE DOLLARS. They are gorgeous. I love every single thing about them…. well except that they are a half size too small for me. I broke my own rules and refused to leave the store without them. I have since put my poor feet through several miserable outings. Not worth it!! When I cleaned out my closet and started a minimal outlook, they were the first things to go.


Clothes that don’t fit you well don’t belong in your closet. You know that super cute tank top that no matter how it’s styled it just doesn’t hang right? The one that you HAVE to wear a cardigan with in order to cover up how unflattering it is on your hips, yeah that one. It needs to go. After I lost 40lbs my wardrobe needed a serious overhaul. I got rid of shirts that didn’t fit my shoulders correctly and dresses that completely hid the little bit of waist that I have. Once I fixed the fit of my clothes I noticed a huge difference in the way my outfits looked. They came together with more union and just made me feel more confident.

 Here are a few of my latest finds from my favorite stores:

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        I picked up this gorgeous peach top at a consignment store in town. It was only $8.00                        These sandals were from Plato’s Closet, my favorite secondhand store, only $5.00                     These jean shorts are from Khols. The brand WallFlower is the only brand I have found that makes shorts that actually do cover your butt. Thank you Khols! $21                 


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   This gorgeous green dress stole my heart at Goodwill, with a $10 price tag I went home happy                                              The shoes were a clearance find from Bealls. $8                                                                             The necklace is from Charming Charlies and its one of my favorite accessories. It was in the clearance section for only $9 WIN!        








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