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How To Take a Killer Selfie

We’ve all been there; approaching the perfect setting and thinking. I need to take a selfie. Whether it’s a punk street art backdrop or fabulous landscape you just know you need to stop and snap a pic. Then you have the days you did so well on your makeup that you just HAVE to have photographic evidence.

If you’re anything like me you have come away from one of these vital (Okay, maybe not vital) situations with a not so perfect selfie. The lighting is off, your chin looks weird, half of it is blurry, either way, something about it just isn’t right. I am here to tell you, there is hope. Just take a look at some of my first selfie experiences (There aren’t actually any pictured below because that would be cruel to you and to me)

I have learned a few things over the years about selfie taking. I now consider myself to be somewhat of a selfie master. (Don’t worry it’s already on my resume) So here are my tips to master the selfie.

How to take a selfie

1. Photography Lighting

I have a favorite place to take selfies. In my bedroom, I have a gorgeous, large window. It lets in tons of natural light all day. The best lighting is out of direct sunlight in a well lit area. Think your porch still in the shade, or under a nice big tree. Inside in front of a nice window is perfect too!

You can also opt for a selfie light. If you’re looking for something more consistent a selfie light can be a trusty tool. If you told me 3 years ago that I would be investing in a portable light to enhance the pictures I take for myself, I probably would have laughed at you. The joke is on 2014 me, who took pictures in terrible lighting.

2. Grid Photography

The average smartphone now days has a grid setting. This puts a filter on your screen when you are taking pictures similar to a tic-tac-toe board. This is to aid in the symmetry of the photo. When selfie taking, your goal is to have your eyes to line up with the top vertical line. You can also tilt your head slightly upward and have one eye in line with the top vertical line.

This also aids in flatlay photograph. I am still working on mastering the famous Insta flatlay. If you have tips for that, drop them below!


3. The Selfie Stick

Oh, the notorious selfie stick. If I had a dime for everytime I used a selfie stick to take a chic photo of my outfit rather than a large group photo I would fairly wealthy. I don’t have a photographer to take pictures for my fashion segments so the selfie stick saves the day. Just do yourself a favor and get one!

6. Rear Facing Camera

The front facing camera was one of the best features to come to the cell-phone. (We are mighty vain creatures aren’t we.) While this camera is great for the casual selfie or the perfect group shot if you’re really looking for glamor, opt for your rear camera. I take most of my high-end makeup selfies from my rear facing camera because the quality is immensely better. Your rear facing camera is most likely of higher quality than that front facing beauty. Next time you’re in a selfie sess, stop and flip cameras for a change!

Selfie time.jpeg

5. Camera Roll

Fill up that camera roll girl. When I am taking makeup photos I end up with about fifteen to twenty similar pictures. I change angles, adjust facial expressions; it’s a long process. Can you guess how many of those photos I keep and deem fit for public consumption? Most likely two; three if I’m lucky. Don’t be ashamed to fill that camera roll.

Thick Curly Hair

There you have it loves, my 5 tips to a better selfie.

XO, Madison


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