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6 Summer Beauty Bag Essentials

Summer time means a change in my beauty routine. A different schedule, more sun, more casual days. These are the 6 favorites for my Summer Beauty Bag.

My Summer Beauty Essentials

1. Sunscreen

I burn like a lobster if I forget my sunscreen. When I was younger I would spend hours outside without a care in the world until the next morning I was so sore from a sunburn that I could bearly move. Not only is it extremely painful it is horrible for your skin. I work diligently to ensure I take care of my skin nowadays.

I use a skincare system with built-in SPF and always apply a layer of sunscreen before going out for the day. It has changed my skin health for the better! This is my favorite sunscreen. It is high-end, ($$)  but well worth the money. It is not only a more natural sunscreen but also has built in Anti-Aging Enzyme. It’s designed to nourish as well as protect the skin. It is one of my most important tools for the summer. (Bonus Points: It even helps with after sun care. It helped with a light burn after a day of forgetting my Sunscreen.)

Summer Beauty

2. CC Cream

I am lazy in the summer. I don’t have as many client appointments, I don’t have classes or business meetings to attend to, so my makeup goes a little lighter. I LOVE CC Creams. If you don’t know what that means, it’s a Color Correcting Cream. I use a Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in replace of foundation in the summer. I like the light dewy feel of Tinted Moisturizer when I am just out running errands or having fun in the sun. (Bonus Points: This one has an SPF 15 equivalent.)

3. Facial Mask

Summer time for me means self-care. I love a good face mask.  I have tried lots of masks, high-end and drugstore. I usually end up at the $1 section at Walmart though. My favorite is detoxifying charcoal masks followed by deep conditioning serum.

4. Makeup Remover Wipes

After long days at poolside or a fun day out, my least favorite thing to do is to take off my makeup when I get home. I leave a small pouch of makeup wipes by my bed to make sure I get my face cleaned well even if I’m exhausted. I suggest picking up a pouch at your local drugstore! Keep your face clean, it will help your skin shine.

5. Essential Oils

I absolutely love essential oils. They help boost my mood, balance my body, and clear my head. I also use them to help combat my allergies. My favorites are Lavender, Lemon, and Frankincense. I highly suggest finding a great company of high-quality oils and doing plenty of research on how to use them. They are powerful and need to be used responsibly. I have many sensitivities to certain smells so I have to purchase high-quality essential oil based parfumes. If you’re looking for a great set of scents you can check out my favorite here.

6. Bronzing Lotion

Self Tanners are my best friend. I love the summer glow without the cost of a spray tan! Make sure to find a high-quality tanner that won’t transfer, streak, or turn me into an Ompla Lompa (orange). I use this Self Tanning Bronzing Milk, followed by an illuminating moisturizer throughout the week to make it last a bit longer!

6 Summer Beauty Bag Essentials


XO, Madison



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