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Self Care Hacks

What do you do for you? We all need to have things that we do for ourselves. Whether it be a destressing hobby or relaxing escape, find your thing. We spend all day pouring out of ourselves through work, relationships, and daily tasks; by the end of the day we are running on empty and need to be sure we are refueling our body spirit and soul.

I am in college, which means I pour out all day long. On top up of that, I run my own side hustle and help at my family’s store. We all have things that pile up in life and make it easy to run ourselves down. After a severe evaluation of my life, I have taken extreme measures to implement a self-care routine. So here are my favorite things to practice self-care.

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After a long day of stress, I want/need nothing more than to expel it all. A quick run on the treadmill or slow yoga routine helps me feel refreshed and balanced.

Play with my dog

Melody Ann is one of my best friends. I love to sit outside and snuggle with her or play a few rounds of fetch. Her company brings me joy and takes my mind off any worries I may have. You can read more about my furbaby here.

Bubble Baths

I LOVE bubble baths. I love the feeling of releasing all my stress in one sitting. I use lots of bubbles in a warm bath and just relax. My favorite thing to do while soaking is to listen to a motivating podcast or TED Talk.

Bubble Bath




I love art. It is a way to express myself and empty my mind. I get to focus on creating something. There is something quite wonderful about bringing something to life. So whether you’re coloring in a coloring book, crafting something new, or adding a splash of paint there’s always that great feeling of accomplishment to go along with it.


I have a prayer journal that I spew in every single day after my devotional. (I also suggest a devotional as self-care.) I write my feelings for the morning and then take an evaluation at night. Journaling your emotions is a valuable way to check in and get things off your chest. I also try to take note of something I am grateful for every day. Starting with that mindset will help you feel more refreshed.


So what do you do for you?

XO, Madison


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